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eighter for life

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クリスティ || mysticwater
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AN: *UPDATE* All old entry's are locked as I'm starting fresh - no more posts about my health/chronic pain/ptsd, this is a happy journal dedicated to all aspects of my love of Japan - focusing on Kanjani8!

Please follow our new Kanjani8 subteam --> sanbakasubs.livejournal.com/profile

Skills and Interests
My spare time goes into dungeons & dragons, producing twitch shows (talk shows/dnd campaigns/live plays), making youtube videos, karaoke (online), mixing music, writing novels, reading, watching Asian dramas, fansubbing/translating Japanese video clips, and sometimes hair modelling.

I am conversationally fluent in Japanese, after 15 years of absorbing the language in odd ways (j-dramas). I am completely self-taught thus far. I have visited Japan many many times and lived there by myself from 2012-2013 (immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language).

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