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クリスティ || mysticwater
12 July 2018 @ 02:35 am

Long time no see fam. x-posting this from k8 LJ comm to see who still follows me on my personal LJ lol

Hi all, I'm not sure if anyone would be interested but I've had this idea for awhile - and with Subaru leaving eito, it feels like the moment is here for me.

I have been in the works of creating/hosting a new talk show on twitch.tv/ProficiencyBonus - the channel primarily streams dungeons and dragons games (which I am a part of every Friday evening) and while I do plan on having episodes focusing on the said subject - the channel management team has given me full reign on what type of show I want to produce.

I have decided to do what I love, all of it. My show will focus on all things nerdy, not just dnd! I plan on doing episodes with content on things like jpop/kpop, miraculous ladybug, kingdom hearts/video games as well as cosplay and convention culture - just to name a few.

That being said I am currently looking for any Kanjani/Johnny's/jpop fans interested in guest appearing for discussions. I have already decided that there will be a special episode dedicated to Johnnys, eito and Subaru’s departure. Looking for open minded fans/friends to discuss this with as well as our love and history with Johnnys in general on stream later this month. I'm usually a youtuber so running my very first "LIVE" show instead of editing all my footage post-interviews is daunting but exciting.

I have simple requirements from the Eighters/Johnnys Otaku that are interested in this:
- Are comfortable on camera and being live-streamed on twitch
- Have a stable internet connection
- Have access to a webcam/mic and be open to creating a discord account if you don't already have one.
- Be a Kanjani8 fan, or at the very least know most of your Johnnys well enough.
- Be available for a Wednesday or Thursday evening (dates have not been set yet)

How to apply:
- Message me here or on twitter @mysticwater
- Include your name (the name you are comfortable with me calling you by on stream)
- How long you have been a Kanjani/johnnys fan?
- Who is your ichiban?
- Your availability/time zone
- Anything else you think I should know

クリスティ || mysticwater
12 February 2018 @ 03:15 pm
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Archive list (Releases):

# 01 - Kanjanism MC

# 02 - Clover (J-movie)

# 03 - An ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu (J-movie)

Archive list (Re-Releases):

[BNS] Dreamboys 2006 feat Kanjani8 & Kat-tun

[BNS] Dreamboys 2004 with Takizawa Hideaki & KAT-TUN

[BNS] Kanjani8 47 DVD (Disc 1, Disc 2, Wake Up Dokkiri)

[BNS][Drama Sp] 2008.10.07 - Arigatou, Okan

[BNS][Drama SP] Love Stories IV -Koe ga Furueru Onna-

クリスティ || mysticwater
16 May 2015 @ 01:09 am
Look what I found on my old stoarge dvds! Decided to share my oldschool subbing, while you guys wait for sanbakasubs to finish the Kanjanism MC!
Same rules apply as community rules;
(aka veoh/youtube/crunchyroll/FB)
Comment if taking any~

K8 English MC 2005 - Xmas Con Fancam
Subbed: mysticwater
QC: enshinge
About: Totally funny Eito attempting English MC. Maru trys to make sense but phailz. Ryo show's off his famous poison tonuge skills. And Hina changes his name. This clip has been around for ages. Many have already seen it, but I figured I should sub it anyway<3

Janiben Jan 15 2008 - Tacchon's Tantrum
Translation/QC: enshinge
Timing/Hardsubbed: mysticwater
About: Absolutely halarious Janiben clip. Tacchon throws a temper tantrum, and Ryo seems to be the only person kind enough to acknowledge his (rather loud) hissy-fit. And Yoko/Baru/Yasu/Hina are just plain evil. But Ohkura gets even in the end XD;;

Heat Up! LE "Sukiyanen, Osaka" double-encore version
Translation/QC: paaaaan
Timing/Hardsubbed: mysticwater
Size: 153.1 MB
About: A very cute and short MC by our fav eito<3 What you get to see: the boys trying to be funny (when really, their lameness just makes them plain cute), Subaru is teasing the fans, Yoko teasing Question, Ohkura talks more than usual, and Ryo-chan seems to be the only one who wont fall on a boke.
Notes: This was my first ever subbing attempt~ I appologise for the horrible typsetting.

Koizora Movie ~hardsubbed~
two words: Haruma Miura

Translation/QC: dissaude and lovehello @ LJ
ReTimed/Hardsubbed: mysticwater
About: Koizora largely succeeds through its touching story and photogenic young leads whose onscreen chemistry may charm the most jaded of viewers. Aragaki and Miura star as high school sweethearts Mika and Hiro. Wide-eyed girl-next door Mika falls head over heels into first love when she meets bleached-hair delinquent Hiro. But love forces them to grow up too early as they face grave trials and tragedies together.
Note: One of my first subbing attempts - rather low quality compared to my skills now
they do not need to be rejoined
CD1- Mega
CD2- Mega

Read more...Collapse )
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Listening to: Sukiyanen Osaka - Kanjani8
クリスティ || mysticwater

</3 R.I.P </3

∞ Paws Princess Lacasse;
August 10 1993 - August 26 2007

∞ Taffy Trouble (too-fat) Lacasse;
August 15 2001 - June 25 2011
クリスティ || mysticwater
25 June 2011 @ 11:50 pm
Ad-mist the chaos, one has fallen;
R.I.P - Taffy (too-fat) Lacasse;
august 15 2001 - june 25 2011


Now we are facing the aftermath. It’s much like how it felt when it was paws. Every room in the house is thick with tension. My knotted stomach and numbed heart actually begins to feel hot; I feel so withdrawn and detached from myself and everything around me, it’s almost scary.

Kleo and Yuki won’t stop yelling and searching for her, each call breaks my heart.

i gained 13lbs this week i look so bloated its disgusting and im STILL starving (which im hoping is a side effect to new drugs im on), and im still twitching/being shaky; then taffy died. and all i can think of is how the me rn cant model looking and feeling like this and ugh everything just sucks and is setting me off like wow

Feeling: numb
クリスティ || mysticwater
yea i realize this isnt even technically realeased yet, but i fell in love with the lyrics~
i appologize for
1- my horrible choruses, ohkura has insanely low range so i went an octave higher throughout the song, which makes the choruses utter fail (one thing i hate about ohkura... its near impossible to cover his solos T^T) which is why i reverbed the f**k outta this thing XD
2- the said distracting reverb XD

My cover of Tacchons newest solo Kitto shiawase ga kimi wo matteru

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クリスティ || mysticwater

”あの日交わした約束をずっと覚えているから。。。 なみだこらえて~~!!” ♥
クリスティ || mysticwater
08 August 2010 @ 08:38 am


∞∞∞∞ ❤8/8 関ジャニ∞の日❤ ∞∞∞∞

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クリスティ || mysticwater
06 April 2010 @ 07:35 pm

My room renovation is complete!!! Have a virtual tour of the sexyness~
Not as rambly this time, more fangirling than usual though, cause I'm so happy<3
PLUS a bonus leah dizon boob shot if your paying attention long enough ;D
Feeling: hyperhyper
クリスティ || mysticwater
17 February 2010 @ 02:22 am
I can sleep now~ 8'D (I love that YesAsia counts for the Oricon Charts now)


this is basically my half-assed demo version of Jin's "A Page" solo.
recorded quickly earlier because I should be sleeping XD
I'm prob gunna redo the whole thing eventually this week once I'm caught up on assignments (cause I dont need to resit this class if I can catch up! Thank god!!!)
its only like a minutre or so long. Let me know what you think, or if I should even bother doing the full one? My vocals are total half-assed/rushed in this one. You've been warned XD

Kristy - A PAGE (demo ver)


im also thinking of trying D-Motion afterwards (WHUT KRISTY DOING A KATTUN SOLO?)
ya rly, I wanna try to better my effects/mixing skills.

I think my emotion gif suits this entry perfectly<3
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