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eighter for life

クリスティ || mysticwater
7 May 1988
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AN: *UPDATE* All old entry's are locked as I'm starting fresh - no more posts about my health/chronic pain/ptsd, this is a happy journal dedicated to all aspects of my love of Japan - focusing on Kanjani8!

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Internationally experienced model, from Surrey, BC - Modelling since 2010, with impressive experience in the Japanese entertainment (TV/Print) industry over a period of 13 months, living alone in Tokyo. I am back I'm Vancouver for the moment, building my platform and self love esteem. I will return to Japan at an undetermined date in the near future.

Work I've done in Japan:
NHK TV Basic English 2012, (native speaker)
the HIATUS 'superblock' MV (kissing scene)
Narado Labo Learning English (voice over and green screen acting)
Roxy ~set you free~ fashion show 2012 (runway bikini model)
Monobright 'moonwalk' MV (featured SAE)
Mode Gakuin Makeup Model
Darts game CM 2012 (english speaker)
Suntory CM 2013 (featured extra)
Tannus Photoshoot advertisement (eye modeling)

Skills and Interests
My spare time goes into modeling, karaoke (online and bar), making youtube videos, mixing music, writing novels, reading, watching Asian dramas, fansubbing/translating Japanese video clips, and recently I have found myself back into acting, after several years of personal hiatus.

I am conversationally fluent in Japanese, after 10 years of absorbing the language in odd ways (j-dramas). I am completely self-taught thus far. I have visited Japan twice and lived there by myself for over a year(immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language).